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722 Post Road, Darien CT • USA

Patio Washing

Patio Washing

A great way to bring life to your back patio or poolside patio is through pressure washing. Oftentime, customers don't realize how dirty their stones truly are until we provide our complimentary before and after photos. We want to help you get the most of your home, and there's no better way than to reveal the beauty that is already there.

  • We offer cleaning for various types of patios, ranging from brick, bluestone, wood, tile, and paver.
  • A variety of equipment is used for patios, including surface cleaners in combination with wands. Rarely is additional chemical needed.

Customer Experience

Our flexible hours ensure we fit into your schedule, whenever works best for you.

Long work days and flexible hours are apart of the Plowent package. Unlike other companies, we don't start at 9 or pack up at 5. We're here for you and your schedule.

A common concern among customers is that of possibly breaking and damaging the delicate bluestones that make up their patio. At Plowent, not only are our technicians highly trained and have years of experience to ensure these mistakes never happen, but if they do, our satisfaction guarantee means we will do what it takes to make the situation right.