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722 Post Road, Darien CT • USA

Wood Restoration

Wood Restoration

Looking to bring life back into wooden furniture, decks, fences, patios, or stairs? No problem! Plowent technicians are trained to carefully treat wood so as to prevent splintering and damage, but simultaneously remove dirt and grime from the pores. The result is a shine that customers are often surprised to see.

  • Due to wood's porosity, we recommend an annual spring cleaning to remove build up that naturally occurs as wood traps dirt. The resulting shine will last the entire season!
  • Painted wood is also apart of our cleaning service. We ensure minimal splintering through the use of low pressure and wide nozzle angles when washing.

Customer Experience

Quotes are always complimentary, no matter the project size.

Returning customers and larger jobs receive discounts when being quoted. We are always seeking to reward you for using Plowent.

Some wood surfaces may be too damaged to pressure wash safely or without inflicting further damage, even with our professional technicians. Schedule a free quote with us through call or text, and a member of Plowent staff will assess the surface, so as to make sure it's worth it on your end.