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House Washing

House Washing

While the value of pressure washing home siding is key to improving the curb appeal of your home, did you know that regularly pressure washing your home also can increase its lifespan upto twofold? Most molds and mildews are not harmful to home siding, however large build ups of certain growths can eat away at wood and vinyl siding. However, improper use of pressure washing equipment around home siding can lead to unintentional damage such as paint removal and splintering. That's why Plowent employes only the best technicians to service your property.

  • With our access to premium equipment, such as extension rods, multi-story properties are also easily cleaned through our service.
  • Softwash and chemical use are also routes we may offer to further preserve siding and more easily remove growth. We ensure customer consent before employing such technique in our service.

Customer Experience

No job is finished until the customer has seen and approved the work.

Excellent service has been the industry standard for decades now. At Plowent, we seek not only to meet your expectations, but also excell at bringing back life to your home.

With home siding being the large majority of our home cleaning business, we also offer roof and shingle cleaning as apart of our service. As is with siding, pressure washing can serve to greatly lengthen the lifespan of your home's roof, in addition to increasing curb appeal.